Adrenaline Rush 2015 Race Review

If you are looking for a great day out, a brilliant mix of obstacles and a real challenge, then Adrenaline Rush is a great option. However, for more the more competitive among you, then you may have had a few frustrations as the race was certainly set up more for the fun runner than the elites.


The site had an excellent transport link, with the event village situated very close to the local train station and Bus Stop. One minor criticism was that there were no pedestrian markers set out, meaning many participants went the long way round the park by following the road markers to the start.
For drivers, free parking was a much welcomed change.

Registration / Event Village

Very slick registration process with loads of staff around to help, and after just arriving on the site a few minutes earlier, registration was complete. Onwards to the bag drop and again helpers in were in abundance, in no time at all my bag was in the fully manned baggage tent. And unlike most other races, it was free :-) Normally by this point I would be at least an extra £7 - £12 out of pocket.

Start Line

The event village was based in the main obstacle zone so there was an air of excitement and anticipation in the event village, particularly as the start time got closer. For a lot of people this was their first ever OCR and being surrounded by so many visible obstacles really helped build their excitement even further. The race also had a laid back, relaxed feel to it with organisers not sticking to rigid wave times but instead releasing batches as and when people were ready. Again great for a fun runner, but the overall early start of the event nearly caught out some of the more elite runners.


The course started with a decent length trail run, helping space out the wave of runners and getting the legs warmed up before the first obstacle – an extremely muddy cargo net crawl. Covered in mud, it was a short run to the first obstacle zone – Balance Beams, Tunnels and a couple rows of Wooden Jacks to climb.

At every obstacle there was also a punishment option for anyone that did not complete the task (and a double punishment if you failed to attempt it). It is great to these being brought into races as it avoids people simply bypassing things.

Next was another good length trail run leading us to the water station (much welcomed with the weather being better than expected). After a quick drink lay the next obstacle section – An Overhang Wall with 2 options of height, a muddy Barbed Wire crawl, a climb through netted holes and lastly through a course of wooden  beams (over, under, and through).

After this was another trail run before we reached the main arena (where the race originally started) – Obstacles Galore!!! First up was a rope swing, leading to a Balance Beam through Giant Hanging Inflatable Ball Obstructions. Next was probably my favourite obstacle - a series of 4 Wall Climbs (starting small and getting progressively higher until the highest of 7ft (maybe)) with only a few metres separating them. Next was Everest – a large inflatable climb and slide, before a little run to a cold water dip through a skip filled with very cold water – very refreshing though! Next up was the Spider Web (a tangled obstruction of elastic ropes), before an Electric Shock obstacle – not sure this was even turned on, though it was a mental challenge for most.  Next a half pipe ramp, an obstacle that always shows the OCR spirit, with plenty of runners helping each other reach the top. The last obstacle in the section was a decent length of Monkey Bars. Unfortunately carrying a hand injury from Spartan Race I had to go the forfeit route and complete 20 Sit Ups L.

There was then a short run to a race lane split – the final obstacle or lap to for the 10k runners. Lap 2 it was.

Lap 2 started well with a nice open run, but unfortunately as soon as we hit any obstacles there were bottlenecks and queues. This was a result of catching up with the 5k wave runners. Although a bit frustrating, the marshals kept things moving well, and at the worst sections I opted for the alternative ‘punishment’ option as opposed to waiting. This was particularly bad in the event village area, particularly at Everest.

This time at the cut off it was onwards to the finish line, though still a couple final obstacles to get through first. First, The Leap of Faith – A jump off a raised platform into a giant inflatable landing mat. Great fun and challenging for anyone that had any sort of fear of heights. Last up was The Gauntlet, two guys with pads blocking the path. Head down and run seemed the best option and smashed through to lead to the finish line to receive my bling and new technical T-shirt.


Adrenaline Rush was a great fun race and perfect for all abilities. The Marshals and staff were brilliant, very helpful and friendly, helping keep people motivated. The event village was really well set up and loads of obstacles intensively packed in order to keep spectators entertained.  Registration and back drop couldn’t have gone more smoothly, and there were also changing rooms available – much needed after a very muddy race. No hidden extra costs was a great plus, and all the while raising money for a very worthy charity – Macmillan Cancer Support.

Thanks Adrenaline Rush for a great day out, will definitely be back next year!