Adrenaline Rush 2015 Review by Tartan Warrior

Thanks to Tartan Warrior and 1st female finisher Joda Quigley for providing her race review.

So it’s race day, nervous as usual on the drive through, the event was easy to find, ample parking, good events area on arrival, registration was quick and easy as was the bag drop. So then it begins, lots of trips to the toilet, to be honest I wasn’t the only one making lots of nervous trips to the toilet so was John and the queuing was a bit on the big side, a few more toilets would have been nice. On our last pre race trip to the toilet we came out ready to race, it was 10.53am and all we heard was a call out for the first wave getting ready to start, the 11am wave, our wave and then we heard 5-4-3-2-1 and we were off, yes we started our race at least 200m from the start line at the toilets, we both had to sprint as hard as we could from the start to try and catch the front runners, I have never ran so fast at the start of a race, John was off, I lost sight of him quickly so it was up to me to keep my pace up and try and take my position as lead lady.

The running was a mix of trails leading up to the first obstacle that was a very muddy Cargo Net Crawl, then wet and muddy and completely out of breath after my sprint start I hit the second lot of obstacles a Balance Beam, Tunnel Crawl and rows of Wooden Jacks.

Next was a nice trail run leading onto the Overhanging Wall, I love this obstacle and then a muddy Barbed Wire Crawl, Net Jump Through and Overs and Unders.

The next section of running was up and down a field leading into the main events area that was obstacle intensive. The first Obstacle was the rope swing, this was awesome fun. Then it was a run through a Space Hopper Gauntlet and onto a selection of walls, 2 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot and 7 foot I think and all just a few meters apart, fantastic obstacle and a first for me.

This lead onto Everest, a climb up a huge inflatable structure and a fun slide down, then a short run to a skip full of nice cool water and a dunk under to get out. Next I hit the Spiders Web, I stayed low and made it through relatively easy and straight in front of me was the Electric Shock Therapy, no shock for me and then a Six Foot Wall.

Next up was Ramp it Up, this was a wooden apex, challenging but doable. Then it was by far the most physically demanding obstacle on the course, a Quarter Pipe, many tried and many failed, but a few conquered and I was one of the lucky few.

Then it was onto the Monkey Bars, these were about 8m long, a good distance and I made it across with ease. At this point I was directed onto my second lap as the 10k was two laps of the 5k course.

As soon as I started my second lap I faced queuing from later waves at obstacles, marshals and runners were all kind enough to let me through the queuing as I was racing it, this made the second lap slower but still enjoyable.

The only difference to the second lap was the final two obstacles, firstly was the leap of faith, a huge climb on top of a massive structure and then a jump straight off onto an inflatable pillow, I climbed up, I didn’t dare look down, I held my nose, yes for some strange reason I held my nose as I was telling myself it was just like jumping in a pool of water so I wouldn’t freak out, I don’t like heights and holding my nose helped.

Jump completed I was on the home straight, just a couple of wee guys to fight through in Run the Gauntlet, being the huge machine that I am I ran straight through them and finished off with an awesome sprint finish and was first woman to cross the finish line, John was super speedy and was first male. The medals are fantastic and the t-shirts are bright, we got water and Lucozade to rehydrate, this was much appreciated.

Once rehydrated John and I then got ready to tackle the 5k with my PT client Helen, this was her first OCR and I am glad to say she smashed it and loved it, we now have another OCR addict amongst us.

Adrenaline Rush was awesome, a great mix of Obstacles for all abilities, good running and extremely helpful marshals and officials. The icing on the cake for me was the weather, it was our first dry and sunny OCR in Scotland for a while. Well done Adrenaline Rush, you smashed it and well done to all that completed the course, you are all winners. We all ran and we all conquered and all for a great cause, Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity close to many of our hearts

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