Interview with a Ninja Warrior

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Alex Craufurd, Estate owner and manager of Craufurdland Castle estate and organiser of the Muddy Trials events. Alex has recently taken part in the new ITV show Ninja Warrior UK and we thought it would be useful to find out about his experience of it.

What similar things have you done before taking part in Ninja Warrior?

Nothing I've done was similar to this although I have done OCR events like tough mudder as well as the big ben tri,craggy island tri, and have a number of other events planned for the future - going to do the Glencoe marathon and would like to do the Hebridean challenge, a two day adventure race from one end of the hebrades to the other by swim, kayak, hill run and mountain bike.

What were the auditions like, and just how tough were they?

We were split into small groups and were put through 4 different physical challenges - testing balance when tired ,upper body strength and coordination and a short piece to camera. I think an interesting background and back story was also important. It was a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

What was the best part about taking part in Ninja Warrior UK?

The best part about the experience is a hard one as I enjoyed all aspects from the auditions, travelling with family and staying in a nice hotel, seeing the course for the first time your course. But if I had to choose, the most enjoyable time was probably the wait until it was my turn to do course, watching fellow competitors on a tv screen with all the other competitors. It was a great atmosphere. Actually doing the course happens in a blur, it is the obvious high point but is over so quick and is so intense and stressful. I should also say the crowd were amazing

What was the toughest obstacle you faced, and why?

For me it was the dancing mushrooms. I was so stressed I was shaking like a leaf and trying to stretch to stand on a movable object made it virtually impossible.

Will we see you again in season 2?

I would love to do it again and believe I could go a lot further my main downfall was my nerves not my strength  so if they allow me back I would do it again in a heart beat 

Any advice / training tips for anyone wanting to apply for season 2?

Upper body strength is key, and I would say pull ups is the best exercise is pull ups I would say.Grip strength also is very important and indoor climbing is a great way of training for this.To get on the program it is not just about pure fitness though you need to have the fitness plus you need to be interesting in front of the camera, relaxed enough and have an interesting story to tell .Both aspects are necessary to get picked for the program and will only get harder as the program gets more popular.

I am in the process in setting up some  training obstacles here at Craufurdland for interested people to come along to a class to train and experience similar obstacles , hope to have something up and running by early May I will post on our facebook page when ready

The Craufurdland Estate offers a lot of opportunities for anyone looking to build there fitness and offer Mud runs as well as outdoor activities such as archery, teambuilding games and challenges, orienteering, boot camp sessions and trail runs.

There next Muddy Trials event is also organised for  September and you can get registered at

Thanks to Alex for the interview and thank you to all our followers.