Spartan Super 2015 - Race Review

Thanks to the guys from Gnome Your Limits For their Race Review of the Spartan Super 2015.

Now that Double Spartan weekend is over, we thought we'd write a review comparing the Spartan Super to yesterday's sprint, which as most of you have seen, didn't sit well with us. So how did the Spartan Super size up? I'll try to keep the answer shorter this time!

Well, we thought it was near perfect. It really felt like a proper Spartan! Which raises the question of why exactly yesterday was so bad, compare to today?

Taking the high winds and closed obstacles out of the equation, as they couldn't be helped, we still had a lot of problems with yesterday's course. We think it came down to how they used the land, the number of obstacles over the distance and how they incorporated that into the vertical climbs. Yes, we did slate the hills in the last review, but when we break that down, I think it's easy to see why:

Distance: 8.1km
Elev Gain: 434m

Distance: 15.65km
Elev Gain: 714m

This means that in the sprint, for every kilometer ran you had to climb 51 metres, but in the super, it was only a 45m climb. In the Super there were more hill breaks, flatter runs, and it felt a lot more like you were actually moving.
With the lack of good obstacles in the sprint, it turned into one big, hilly mess. The Super, however, had obstacles coming out of everywhere and even had obstacles in other obstacles! This really broke up the monotony of wondering where we were going next, looking up, and realising it was another hill, and helped to keep our heads in the game.

It also helped that they had improved and removed some barbed wire crawls, but I'm certain that they must have gotten a good deal on barbed wire somewhere!

The Super turned out to be a great race, and pushed the whole body much more than the Sprint, which really just worked the legs. The only serious point I can fault was the water station, or lack of visible stations. I was offered water, at a station that wasn't visible, at the 5km point. I didn't accept it, which was a mistake as there was none offered or visible for the rest of the race and by the 8/9km mark I was starting to worry about my water intake, but made it to the end with minimal cramping.

Stats for the day: 
Distance: 15.65km
Elev Gain: 714m
Min Elev: 295m
Max Elev: 521m