Total Warrior Edinburgh 2015

Thanks to Tartan Warrior Elite Runner & First Female Finisher Joda Quigley for her Race Review of Total Warrior Edinburgh


This was the first time Total Warrior was coming to Scotland and we couldn't wait. We had heard only good things about Total Warrior and we were not disappointed.

We were up nice and early on race day as we had a 10am wave start, the first wave of the day, we were very excited to be one of the first few to take on the course. It took us about an hour to travel to the race venue, as we got closer it was very well signposted. The car park was very well manned and right next to the event village.

As we approached the event village we could hear the banging music, this was perfect to get the adrenaline going before we raced. Registration was quick, staff were very friendly and welcoming, this was a fantastic start and set for a great atmosphere.

The event village had everything you would need pre and post race, food, drinks, music, changing tents, merchandise, toilets and first aid. Once registration was complete we had a chance to catch up with some of our OCR friends before we raced, everyone was very excited and for a lot of them like us it was there first ever Total Warrior OCR. 

At 9.40am there was a shout out for all 10am wave starts to head down to the start line, we made our way down and at this point we could see the competition was going to be tough. Lots of fantastic athletes and previous Total Warrior winners. Total Warrior Edinburgh was 12k with 30 awesome obstacles, we couldn't wait to get started. On the start line we had the usual safety briefing and a short and bouncy warm up to some jumping music, this is all that was required as the first obstacle was designed to get the heart rate and core temperature up ready to take on the rest of the course.

Time was ticking away, then it was time for the final count down and after 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 we were off and straight onto the first obstacle - Leg It. Leg It was all about the legs running up and down hill 5 times across a field, as I said this obstacle was perfectly designed and placed to make sure you were properly warmed up and to spread out the racers before taking on the rest of the course.

After a short run we were out through the woods and made our way through the next obstacle Log Bog Jog, a muddy bog making the legs work even harder. After this we ran onto the first water obstacle Channel Crossing, I loved this, we had to climb up and jump off a number of floating containers into lovely cold water.

Next up was Mud Moguls, this was muddy mounds into pools of water, wet, slippery and loads of fun. Then onto more mud with the Cement Mixer, this was thick sticky mud to work your way through, another great fun obstacle, a great obstacle for those who love to get dirty.

So now suitably wet and muddy it was time to start using a bit of upper body strength and start climbing up Death Valley, a steep slope with a cargo net to help you on your way up. Then more upper body required for Swinger or Straight, this was either a side climb wall with holds or ropes. I went for the holds and made it all the way across, if you didn't you got wet as it was over water. At this point I was second female in the race, Kathleen Henderson, a fantastic athlete with Total Warrior wins already under her belt was in the lead.

After a bit of a run on Kathleen's heals it was our next obstacle Pole 2 Pole, an OCR favourite, over and under's, then onto SHOCKER, an electric wire run, I didn't get shocked, unlike most people I like getting shocked but I didn't this time.

Then it was onto my favourite obstacles of the course, Grand National, a series of 8 foot walls, I have worked hard on my upper body strength and it was put to the test getting over these walls. It was at this point I got my lead and kept it. 

Then we ran onto the Long Jump, this involved running and leaping as far as we could into a pool of water, great fun and the water was awesomely cold. 

Weave It Out was the next obstacle, this one took it out the legs again as we worked our way up and down steep slopes. With tired legs it was time to face The Human Barbecue, this was luckily not as scary as it sounds but was very impressive, a jump over fire into water, I loved it, a sprint and a huge jump over the fire into freezing water, the perfect mix of hot and cold. 

Suitably chilled we ran onto the steepest obstacle of the course Law Breaker, a short run up hill, this got the body temperature back up and we ran onto the Hangover, a huge overhanging wall, another one putting the upper body strength to the test, this lead straight onto The Alps, more upper body strength required as we worked our way up two huge walls with the help of climbing holds. 

Sprint King was the next Obstacle, I didn't manage much of a sprint, 28 seconds so I kept my pace up and headed onto the next obstacle, Hang Tough, another one for the upper body, monkey bars onto ropes over water, I completed this obstacle and stayed dry.

Next up was You Tube, a crawl though narrow plastic tubes, I am on the small side so for this obstacle my small size was an advantage. Then another crawling obstacle Worm Muncher, a barbed wire crawl over mud, again being small is an advantage with this one and then we ran through the next obstacle The Road Hole, this was a dark tunnel under the road.

We then ran Off Road towards Log It, the only carrying obstacle on the course and it was tough, we grabbed a log and headed up hill and over a wall then back down again and over another wall, this was painful, I was starting to tire however still had and kept my lead but was getting pushed all the way. I have to say a huge thanks to all the mega supportive marshals that gave me huge encouragement all the way around the course as well as the guy that was running with me at the log carry, he showed true OCR spirit when he seen my greeting face and his words of encouragement kept me going, I was so glad to finish that log carry. The next part of the course Furrowed Brow was also tough, a run up a ploughed field on very tired legs.

We continued up hill to most peoples favourite obstacle on the course but the one that gives me THE FEAR, it was Slide Away and my face says it all, this was a super fast water side, I flew down catching on my team mate Bradley Cooper, I thought I was going to crash in to him but he got out the way, so I survived another slide of doom.

So this was nearly it, we are in the last kilometre with only three obstacles remaining, first it was The Plunge, skips of cold water to jump into then dunk under wood before getting out the other side, this was a great way to wash some of the mud off before the finish line. Then we were put onto our back to make our way up Back It Up, a cargo net up a slippery slope up hill, we went under the net and had to pull ourselves up. I loved this and had to move fast to make sure I kept my lead.

Then it was the final obstacle Peaks Of Pain a steep slippery slope with a rope to help you up that was just out of reach so required a bit of leg work to get up in reach of the rope and on tired legs this was no easy feat but I made it, up and over then a sprint to the finish line, well I say sprint but I use those words lightly. 

That was it, finished, First Lady over the finish line, my fiancé John was 5th and our team Tartan Warrior was 2nd with our other team members Stephen Nisbet and Bradley Cooper also having strong runs. 

After our race we headed off to my Grans 90th birthday party and she was thrilled to hear our results. We then came back for the prize giving after a shower and some food, that's the reason we look so fresh in the pictures.

Total Warrior Edinburgh was a total success, a fantastic course with an amazing mix of obstacles over amazing terrain. It was tough but all the obstacles were manageable even for us shorter athletes. Everyone I have spoken to had a fantastic race and we can't wait to race it again next year. We loved it so much we are looking at doing all the Total Warriors next year. A huge well done to everyone involved with Total Warrior, all your hard work and planning payed off and showed. If you haven't raced Total Warrior yet I couldn't recommend it highly enough, put it on your OCR to do list next year.