Trailtroopers 10k OCR - Chatelherault

Thanks to Joda Quigley for writing the below race review from the Trailtroopers 10k OCR

This was my second OCR of 2015 representing Team Muddy Kit and my second Trailtroopers OCR so I was majorly excited and nervous for this event also feeling slightly under pressure as I had won the previous event and my team mates have been hitting the podium lots.

Well it was race day and what can I say, it was wet, very wet. I was feeling optimistic on the drive through and was convinced that it was drying up but I was kidding myself, this was going to be a very cold and wet OCR, being assaulted by the Scottish "Spring" weather.
The event directions were clear and the event location was easy to find with ample car parking.
There was a short 2 minute walk to the main event area, registration was quick with a bag drop if required. The registration area was set in front of the beautiful Chatelherault House, a stunning location for an OCR race. 
After registration it was time to hide back in the car to keep warmer and dryer for a while until warm up and take off time for wave 1.
The warm up took place on the start line 10 mins before the start time. It was a good warm up with a mix of body weight exercises to loosen up and warm up the body before we started, there was no messing about after the warm up and after a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown we were off.
The first obstacle we had was straight in front of us, a steep slope we had to run up then down, this smashed the legs from the start.
As we came onto the flat again we had to make our way under a few barriers then down into the woods towards the river Avon Water. 
On our way down to the river we went through a Rope Tangle and David's Ditch then into the river for a long cold stretch, this numbed the legs as we picked our way through the water. It was slippery under foot so I had a few nice cold dunks along the way.
Once we got out of the river we were sent into a forest section, we had to make our way up and down steep slippery slopes going over and under logs, roots and fallen trees along the way. A great use of natural obstacles.
Next was cargo net climb, I used my wall climbing techniques to jump right over the net, making up a bit of a distance from the girl that was closing in on me (at this point I am 1st Lady).
We ran from the net back down into the river, this river section was shorter and less slippery under foot so didn't slow us down too much.
We then had what I found the hardest Obstacle on the course The Stairway To HELL, 200 steep steps with tired legs, I was thrilled to make it to the top and still be in 1st place as these stairs slowed me down and tired out the legs even more.
The running got a bit flatter and we then made our way into the Trenches that contained another net to fly over, another running section and a dark Water Tunnel.
We then hit the first of the weighted carries - the Log Carry. This was challengingly placed later in the course so you really felt the weight on tired legs, clever. We then had a short run into another water tunnel.
Next on the course was the most technical obstacle. At this point I was still getting chased by the woman in second place and we had the Slack Line Traverse, I have personally never done this before but had watched Trailtroopers demonstration video before hand and knew if I could rope climb a 30 foot rope I would make it across. The only problem I had at this point was I couldn't feel my hands or my feet due to the cold, this made my crossing interesting but not impossible. I jumped up and hooked on with my forearms and through my feet up, because I couldn't feel my feet I hooked on behind my knees and worked my way cross, slowly but I made it. The woman in second place had caught up with me at this point but she failed to do the traverse, as I jumped down I ran on and she followed behind.
We ran into a Water Pond (bog) about waist deep and then over another Cargo Net.
The next obstacle we hit was our next weighted run, a Cone Carry up and down a small hill.
At this point as we ran on I realised that we were nearing the finish as we approached the main event area, my body was glad if this as I was wet, cold and tired but not finished yet and still holding my lead. We went through a spiders web, up the steep hill towards Chatelherault House then flew back down the hill again on the FASTEST Water Slide EVER, it was awesomely fast and I continued to slide for some time after I left the slide. I then had to quickly get up and run towards the next Obstacle which was a tyre drag then some very wet and slippery blow up obstacles, round some barriers then it was time to get the sprint on and cross that finish line as first female, my first OCR win for Team Muddy Kit in 2015.   
Trailtroopers was an awesomely tough course in very cold and wet conditions. All through the course we had to pick our way through natural obstacles such as fallen trees, bogs, river sections, steep climbs and descents. The course was fantastically put together and well marked and marshalled. The only thing I would have changed about the day was the weather, but that was out of everybody's control. Thanks Trailtroopers for a Fantastic Race, we look forward to your next one.