UK OCR Community League

A few weeks ago we announced that the UK OCR Community league​ will launch for the Scotland region on 03 January 2016.

Well we thought it was about time we told you a bit more about it . . .

The League will be run a regional basis. Southern England, Wales/Midland/Northern England and most importantly, Scotland! Regions will run their own mini leagues with 5 male and 5 female age categories. The League is designed for everyone to have an attempt to qualify for the final and you are rewarded not only for performance, but also regular attendance. For example if you attend 8 events but don't finish in the top 20 you will still accumulate 40 points (5 points per race), compared to someone who attends 1 and wins they only score 30 points. so it is a open to everyone and rewards the journey men of OCR
At the end of the season the top 20 in each category - 200 runners from each region, will be invited to come together to compete in the FINALS, at no cost, seeking to become LEAGUE CHAMPION in their category. Categories will go head to head in the same selective waves. This should make for some very exciting racing! Bringing elite runners together with the weekend warriors is very much part of the strategy of UK.OCR – stimulating, challenging and competitive fun.
So whose involved?
McTough Guy - 03 January 2016
Tartan Warrior - 17 April 2016
TrailTroopers - 06 August 2016
Bing Blazer - 03 September 2016
Beast Race - September 2016
Glack Attack - October 2016