World's Toughest Mudder Interview


Earlier this week we had the opportunity to interview Top European Finisher, and 5th in the World, Scott Brown, on how he got on at World's Toughest Mudder.

For those who don't know, World's Toughest Mudder is probably the most extreme obstacle challenge to take on. The course is built upon the desert sands of Las Vegas, and sees runners battle against both an extreme course and extreme temperatures. The aim is to complete the most 5-mile course laps in 24 hours, with this year's winner managing an impressive 95miles.


Thanks to Scott for taking the time to allow us to interview him, here's what he had to say:

Welcome back to home soil, how are you feeling? I'm feeling pretty good concidering what I put myself through, just stomach cramps from energy gear.

This response shows just how tough Scott is, as later in the week he found out that this pain was actually a result of a broken rib!

What was the Best obstacle you encountered? Probably one of the new 1s 'Tramp Stamp' where you jump onto a trampoline then your bounce springs you onto a T-bar across water which was fun. 

And the Worst? 'Kiss of Mud', usually i enjoy the crawls under barbed wire but this 1 was full of small sharp stones waiting to rip your clothes and cut your knees and elbows all day long.

Best Feeling of the Day? Possibly the feeling i got pulling on my wetsuit and new gear after a few cold laps through the course late that first afternoon felt like a new man and ready to go for hours, or finishing the event knowing id done so well and the amount of credit i was receiving was nice.

When was your Toughest moment? I went over on my ankle on my 14th lap 70th mile, it was sore but i knew id time to do more so i put the pain to 1 side and carried on to do another 2 full laps that earnt me a total of 80miles. Or when i found out the laps were equaling 5.3miles instead of 5 miles meaning id really completed 88miles and was only getting credit for the 80 but thats life i suppose lol.

What Kept You Motivated? I was extremely motivated for this i had trained more than i've ever trained before. I kept reading on facebook other guys posts that were competing letting there friends know they were gonna kill it and even in some cases give predictions to what they would do. This drove me on even harder, i knew i could train harder and i did. Whatever training they done i done more but didnt post about it just stayed quiet. My daughters and family being proud of me was my ultimate goal and i think this worked. Having Kerri (Scott's Fiance) there was amazing and she encouraged me on every lap, a great asset and i owe her for her love and support before during and after the event.

Any advice for anyone wanting to try WTM? Don't set targets to high as you can only fail but if you go in with no expectations just to go and experience it, have fun you will get far more out of it. Ask questions the pro's always know best so be humble and ask.

So, will you be back? Haha, my fiance would love to answer this as she knows i have no limits but. Never say never. I have other goals so probably not as there's things i want to do including coaching which im already doing in Ayrshire so get in touch if you want this before your own events. OCR aside dont let anyone tell you you cant acheive something as with hard work REAL HARD WORK you can achieve anything. I had doubters over the years but they have since changed their minds and thought process. Reach high and as i told a good ocr friend of mine last year we all have strengths if you find something or a distance your good at then thats where you will find glory. Some people are fast so if your fast smash those short distance ocrs and you will reap the rewards. 

Anything else? Yeah, a massive thanks to Mark Mclaughlan and for both their support and sponsorship.