Pits & Bits Product Review

I knew very little about Pits & Bits before receiving the ‘No Rinse Wash Kit’ as a Christmas stocking filler last year.  The kit came in a handy little bag containing ‘Towel Off Body Wash,’ ‘Rinse Free Shampoo’ and 4 expandable wash cloths. I then spent much of the race year waiting for the right time to really put the product to the test, and it wasn’t until ‘Muddy Trials (Reverse)’, that I decided to break open the kit and see how it faired up against one of Scotland’s muddiest races.

OCR Scotland Awards Ceremony

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 'OCR Scotland Awards' voting system and we need you to get involved.

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Over the last few years OCR in Scotland has grown rapidly, all thanks to the passion and commitment of Race Directors, Marshals, Sponsors and most importantly Runners. Scotland is now one of the fastest growing OCR communities as well as the best place in the world to race (in our unbiased opinion).

McTough Guy Race Review

Check out the McTough Guy 2016 Race Review from guest writer & RAW Athlete Liam Hayman


1000 Mile Challenge

The concept is simple, the challenge is not, you will have from 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 to complete 1000 running miles - gym, training and event miles are all valid. 

By taking part in the challenge you will be able to track performance against fellow runners as well as the target runner (basically a virtual pacemaker). Progress tables will be updated on a weekly basis and all successful participants will earn themselves the exclusive OCR Scotland 1000 miles medal.